Ordering provides additional information about the ordering process including references to other documents and alternative parties involved in the order-to-delivery process.

Schema ID



CodecodestringIdentifier assigned by the customer or buyer for internal routing purposes.
Identitiesidentitiesarray of org.IdentityAny additional Codes, IDs, SKUs, or other regional or custom identifiers that may be used to identify the order.
Periodperiodcal.PeriodPeriod of time that the invoice document refers to often used in addition to the details provided in the individual line items.
Projectprojectbill.DocumentReferenceProject this invoice refers to.
Contractcontractbill.DocumentReferenceThe identification of a contract.
Purchase Orderpurchasebill.DocumentReferencePurchase order issued by the customer or buyer.
Sales Ordersalebill.DocumentReferenceSales order issued by the supplier or seller.
Receiving Advicereceivingbill.DocumentReferenceReceiving Advice.
Despatch Advicedespatchbill.DocumentReferenceDespatch advice.
Tender Advicetenderbill.DocumentReferenceTender advice, the identification of the call for tender or lot the invoice relates to.
Buyerbuyerorg.PartyParty who is responsible for making the purchase, but is not responsible for handling taxes.
Sellersellerorg.PartyParty who is selling the goods but is not responsible for taxes like the supplier.