Discount represents an allowance applied to the complete document independent from the individual lines.

Schema ID$defs/Discount


UUIDuuidstringUniversally Unique Identifier.
IndexiintegerLine number inside the list of discounts (calculated)
ReferencerefstringReference or ID for this Discount
Basebasenum.AmountBase represents the value used as a base for percent calculations. If not already provided, we’ll take the invoices sum.
Percentpercentnum.PercentagePercentage to apply to the invoice’s Sum.
Amountamountnum.AmountAmount to apply (calculated if percent present).
Taxestaxestax.SetList of taxes to apply to the discount
Reason CodecodestringCode for the reason this discount applied
ReasonreasonstringText description as to why the discount was applied
Metametacbc.MetaAdditional semi-structured information.