Line is a single row in an invoice.

Schema ID$defs/Line


UUIDuuidstringUniversally Unique Identifier.
IndexiintegerLine number inside the parent (calculated)
Quantityquantitynum.AmounttrueNumber of items
Itemitemorg.ItemtrueDetails about what is being sold
Sumsumnum.AmountResult of quantity multiplied by the item’s price (calculated)
Discountsdiscountsarray of bill.LineDiscountDiscounts applied to this line
Chargeschargesarray of bill.LineChargeCharges applied to this line
Taxestaxestax.SetMap of taxes to be applied and used in the invoice totals
Totaltotalnum.AmountTotal line amount after applying discounts to the sum (calculated).
Notesnotesarray of cbc.NoteSet of specific notes for this line that may be required for clarification.