Totals contains the summaries of all calculations for the invoice.

Schema ID$defs/Totals


Sumsumnum.AmounttrueSum of all line item sums
Discountdiscountnum.AmountSum of all document level discounts
Chargechargenum.AmountSum of all document level charges
Tax Includedtax_includednum.AmountIf prices include tax, this is the total tax included in the price.
Totaltotalnum.AmounttrueSum of all line sums minus the discounts, plus the charges, without tax.
Tax Totalstaxestax.TotalSummary of all the taxes included in the invoice.
Taxtaxnum.AmountTotal amount of tax to apply to the invoice.
Total with Taxtotal_with_taxnum.AmounttrueGrand total after all taxes have been applied.
Roundingroundingnum.AmountRounding amount to apply to the invoice in case the total and payable amounts don’t quite match.
Outlay Totalsoutlaysnum.AmountTotal paid in outlays that need to be reimbursed
Payablepayablenum.AmounttrueTotal amount to be paid after applying taxes and outlays.
Advanceadvancenum.AmountTotal amount already paid in advance.
Dueduenum.AmountHow much actually needs to be paid now.