Party represents a person or business entity.

Schema ID


UUIDuuidstringUniversally Unique Identifier.
NamenamestringtrueLegal name or representation of the organization.
AliasaliasstringAlternate short name.
Tax Identitytax_idtax.IdentityThe entity’s legal ID code used for tax purposes. They may have other numbers, but we’re only interested in those valid for tax purposes.
Identitiesidentitiesarray of org.IdentitySet of codes used to identify the party in other systems.
Peoplepeoplearray of org.PersonDetails of physical people who represent the party.
Inboxesinboxesarray of org.InboxDigital inboxes used for forwarding electronic versions of documents
Postal Addressesaddressesarray of org.AddressRegular post addresses for where information should be sent if needed.
Email Addressesemailsarray of org.EmailElectronic mail addresses
Websiteswebsitesarray of org.WebsitePublic websites that provide further information about the party.
Telephone Numberstelephonesarray of org.TelephoneRegular telephone numbers
Registrationregistrationorg.RegistrationAdditional registration details about the company that may need to be included in a document.
Logoslogosarray of org.ImageImages that can be used to identify the party visually.
Extexttax.ExtensionsExtension code map for any additional regime specific codes that may be required.
Metametacbc.MetaAny additional semi-structured information that does not fit into the rest of the party.