Item is used to describe a single product or service.

Schema ID


UUIDuuiduuid.UUIDUnique identity of this item
RefrefstringPrimary reference code that identifies this item. Additional codes can be provided in the ‘identities’ property.
Keykeycbc.KeySpecial key used to classify the item sometimes required by some regimes.
namestringtrueBrief name of the item
Identitiesidentitiesarray of org.IdentityList of additional codes, IDs, or SKUs which can be used to identify the item. They should be agreed upon between supplier and customer.
descstringDetailed description
CurrencycurrencystringCurrency used for the item’s price.
Pricepricenum.AmounttrueBase price of a single unit to be sold.
Unitunitorg.UnitUnit of measure.
Country of Originoriginl10n.CountryCodeCountry code of where this item was from originally.
Metametacbc.MetaAdditional meta information that may be useful