Address defines a globally acceptable set of attributes that describes a postal or fiscal address.

Schema ID


UUIDuuidstringUniversally Unique Identifier.
LabellabelstringUseful identifier, such as home, work, etc.
Post Office Boxpo_boxstringBox number or code for the post office box located at the address.
NumbernumstringHouse or building number in the street.
FloorfloorstringFloor number within the building.
BlockblockstringBlock number within the building.
DoordoorstringDoor number within the building.
StreetstreetstringFirst line of street.
Extended Streetstreet_extrastringAdditional street address details.
LocalitylocalitystringtrueVillage, town, district, or city, typically inside a region.
RegionregionstringProvince, county, or state, inside a country.
CodecodestringPost or ZIP code.
Countrycountryl10n.CountryCodeISO country code.
Coordinatescoordsorg.CoordinatesWhen the postal address is not sufficient, coordinates help locate the address more precisely.
Metametacbc.MetaAny additional semi-structure details about the address.