Image describes a logo or photo that represents an entity.

Schema ID


UUIDuuiduuid.UUIDUnique ID of the image
LabellabelstringLabel to help identify the image.
URLurlstringURL of the image
DatadatastringAs an alternative to the URL and only when the source data is small, like an SVG, the raw data may be provided using Base64 encoding.
MIMEmimestringFormat of the image.
DescriptiondescriptionstringDetails of what the image represents.
AltaltstringAlternative text if the image cannot be shown.
HeightheightintegerHeight of the image in pixels.
WidthwidthintegerWidth of the image in pixels.
Digestdigestdsig.DigestDigest can be used to ensure the image contained at the URL is the same one as originally intended.
Metametacbc.MetaMeta contains additional information about the image.