Advance represents a single payment that has been made already, such as a deposit on an intent to purchase, or as credit from a previous invoice which was later corrected or cancelled.

Schema ID


UUIDuuiduuid.UUIDUnique identifier for this advance.
Datedatecal.DateWhen the advance was made.
Keykeycbc.KeyThe payment means used to make the advance.
ReferencerefstringID or reference for the advance.
GrantgrantbooleanIf this “advance” payment has come from a public grant or subsidy, set this to true.
DescriptiondescstringtrueDetails about the advance.
Percentpercentnum.PercentageHow much as a percentage of the total with tax was paid
Amountamountnum.AmounttrueHow much was paid.
Currencycurrencycurrency.CodeIf different from the parent document’s base currency.

Key Values

anyAny method available, no preference.
cardPayment card.
credit-transferSender initiated bank or wire transfer.
debit-transferReceiver initiated bank or wire transfer.
cashCash in hand.
chequeCheque from bank.
bank-draftBankers Draft or Bank Cheque.
direct-debitDirect debit from the customers bank account.
onlineOnline or web payment.
promissory-notePromissory note contract.
nettingIntercompany clearing or clearing between partners.
otherOther or mutually defined means of payment.