Instructions determine how the payment has or should be made.

Schema ID


Keykeycbc.KeytrueThe payment means expected or that have been arranged to be used to make the payment.
DetaildetailstringOptional text description of the payment method
ReferencerefstringRemittance information or concept, a text value used to link the payment with the invoice.
Credit Transfercredit_transferarray of pay.CreditTransferInstructions for sending payment via a bank transfer.
Cardcardpay.CardDetails of the payment that will be made via a credit or debit card.
Direct Debitdirect_debitpay.DirectDebitA group of terms that can be used by the customer or payer to consolidate direct debit payments.
Onlineonlinearray of pay.OnlineArray of online payment options
NotesnotesstringAny additional instructions that may be required to make the payment.
Metametacbc.MetaNon-structured additional data that may be useful.

Key Values

anyAny method available, no preference.
cardPayment card.
credit-transferSender initiated bank or wire transfer.
debit-transferReceiver initiated bank or wire transfer.
cashCash in hand.
chequeCheque from bank.
bank-draftBankers Draft or Bank Cheque.
direct-debitDirect debit from the customers bank account.
onlineOnline or web payment.
promissory-notePromissory note contract.
nettingIntercompany clearing or clearing between partners.
otherOther or mutually defined means of payment.