FuelAccountLine represents a single fuel purchase made with an e-wallet issued by the invoice’s supplier.

Schema ID



E-wallet Identifiere_wallet_idcbc.CodetrueIdentifier of the e-wallet used to make the purchase (maps to Identificador).
Purchase Date and Timepurchase_date_timecal.DateTimetrueDate and time of the purchase (maps to Fecha).
Vendor’s Tax Identity Codevendor_tax_codecbc.CodetrueTax Identity Code of the fuel’s vendor (maps to Rfc)
Service Station Codeservice_station_codecbc.CodetrueCode of the service station where the purchase was made (maps to ClaveEstacion).
Quantityquantitynum.AmounttrueAmount of fuel units purchased (maps to Cantidad)
Itemitemregimes.mx.FuelAccountItemtrueDetails of the fuel purchased.
Purchase Codepurchase_codecbc.CodetrueIdentifier of the purchase (maps to FolioOperacion).
Totaltotalnum.AmountResult of quantity multiplied by the unit price (maps to Importe).
Taxestaxesarray of regimes.mx.FuelAccountTaxtrueMap of taxes applied to the purchase (maps to Traslados).