Regime defines the holding structure for the definitions of taxes inside a country or territory.

Schema ID


Namenamei18n.StringtrueName of the country
Descriptiondescriptioni18n.StringIntroductory details about the regime.
Time Zonetime_zonestringtrueLocation name for the country’s central time zone. Accepted values from IANA Time Zone Database (
Codecountryl10n.CountryCodetrueCountry code for the region
Zonezonel10n.CodeSpecific Locality, region, city, province, county, or similar code inside the country, if needed.
Currencycurrencycurrency.CodetrueCurrency used by the country.
Tagstagsarray of tax.KeyDefinitionTags that can be applied at the document level to identify additional considerations.
Identity Typesidentity_typesarray of tax.KeyDefinitionIdentity types specific for the regime and may be validated against.
Extensionsextensionsarray of tax.KeyDefinitionExtensions defines the keys that can be used for extended or extra data inside the regime that is specific to the regime and cannot be easily determined from other GOBL structures. Typically these are used to define local codes for suppliers, customers, products, or tax rates.
Charge Typescharge_typesarray of tax.KeyDefinitionCharge types specific for the regime and may be validated or used in the UI as suggestions
Payment Meanspayment_meansarray of tax.KeyDefinitionPaymentMeansKeys specific for the regime that extend the original base payment means keys.
Item Keysitem_keysarray of tax.KeyDefinitionItemKeys specific for the regime that need to be added to org.Item data in line rows.
Inbox Keysinbox_keysarray of tax.KeyDefinitionInboxKeys specific to the regime that can be used to identify where a document should be forwarded to.
Scenariosscenariosarray of tax.ScenarioSetSets of scenario definitions for the regime.
Correctionscorrectionsarray of tax.CorrectionDefinitionConfiguration details for corrections to be used with correction options.
Categoriescategoriesarray of tax.CategorytrueList of tax categories.
zonesarray of tax.ZoneList of zones to identify specific areas, regions, or provinces inside a country tha may be required for tax purposes.