Category contains the definition of a general type of tax inside a region.

Schema ID$defs/Category


Codecodecbc.CodetrueCode to be used in documents
Namenamei18n.StringtrueShort name of the category to be used instead of code in output
Titletitlei18n.StringHuman name for the code to use for titles
Descriptiondesci18n.StringUseful description of the category.
RetainedretainedbooleanRetained when true implies that the tax amount will be retained by the buyer on behalf of the supplier, and thus subtracted from the invoice taxable base total. Typically used for taxes related to income.
Rate Requiredrate_requiredbooleanRateRequired when true implies that when a tax combo is defined using this category that one of the rate’s keys must be defined. This is normally needed for regimes that categorize taxes in local document formats as opposed to grouping by percentage values. Try to avoid using this. It is better for rates to be determined by the percentage and conditions, not the rate key.
Ratesratesarray of tax.RateSpecific tax definitions inside this category.
Extensionsextensionsarray of cbc.KeyExtensions defines a list of extension keys that may be used or required as an alternative or alongside choosing a rate for the tax category. Every key must be defined in the Regime’s extensions table.
Mapmapcbc.CodeMapMap defines a set of regime specific code mappings.
Sourcessourcesarray of tax.SourceList of sources for the information contained in this category.
Metametacbc.MetaMeta contains additional information about the category that is relevant for local frequently used formats.