Note represents a free text of additional information that may be added to a document.

Schema ID


Keykeycbc.KeyKey specifying subject of the text
CodecodestringCode used for additional data that may be required to identify the note.
Sourcesrccbc.KeySource of this note, especially useful when auto-generated.
TexttextstringtrueThe contents of the note
Metametacbc.MetaAdditional information about the note

Key Values

goodsGoods Description
paymentTerms of Payment
legalLegal or regulatory information
dangerous-goodsDangerous goods additional information
ackAcknowledgement Description
rateRate additional information
reasonExplanation of something relevant to the document
disputeDetails on a dispute.
customerCustomer remarks
glossaryGlossary of terms
customsCustoms declaration information
generalGeneral information
handlingHandling instructions
packagingPackaging information
loadingLoading instructions
pricePrice conditions
priorityPriority information
regulatoryRegulatory information
safetySafety instructions
ship-lineShip line
supplierSupplier remarks
transportTransportation information
deliveryDelivery information
quarantineQuarantine information
taxTax declaration