Preceding allows for information to be provided about a previous invoice that this one will replace, subtract from, or add to.

Schema ID$defs/Preceding


UUIDuuiduuid.UUIDPreceding document’s UUID if available can be useful for tracing.
SeriesseriesstringSeries identification code
CodecodestringtrueCode of the previous document.
Issue Dateissue_datecal.DateThe issue date of the previous document.
ReasonreasonstringHuman readable description on why the preceding invoice is being replaced.
Stampsstampsarray of head.StampSeals of approval from other organisations that may need to be listed.
Correction Methodcorrection_methodcbc.KeyTax regime specific key reflecting the method used to correct the preceding invoice.
Changeschangesarray of cbc.KeyTax regime specific keys reflecting what has been changed from the previous invoice.
Periodperiodcal.PeriodTax period in which the previous invoice had an effect required by some tax regimes and formats.
Metametacbc.MetaAdditional semi-structured data that may be useful in specific regions